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Hanging & Assembly of fixtures, artwork and TVs can be difficult at times, that’s why we focus on supplying the best quality and knowledge when it comes to Hanging & Assembly in the CRD. Our handyman service comes straight to you and will have your items installed in a timely manner.

We can hang or assemble light fixtures, curtains, install ceiling fans, mount TVs, hang blinds and so much more. Call Buttoned Up for fast service today!

Need That TV Hung Up? Give Buttoned Up A Call!

Hanging & Assembly doesn’t have to be hard. Picture this: you’re sitting at home, freshly back from the furniture store. You have that brand new shelf laying in the box on the floor, not yet assembled, but you find yourself not feeling motivated to put it together. Perhaps you simply don’t know how. Or you find yourself with a brand new ceiling fan, but with no idea how to replace that old light fixture with your stunning new fan.

No matter what your situation might be, we at Buttoned Up are here to help. No project is too large or too small. We will come to you for all of the following, but not limited to:

  • Hanging pictures

  • Hanging curtains

  • Replacing or installing ceiling fans

  • Replacing or installing new light fixtures

  • Mounting TV’s

  • Assembling furniture

  • Assembling new workout equipment

  • Hanging blinds or other window fixtures

  • And so much more

So quit looking at those instruction books – you can have Buttoned Up come by and lend you a helping hand. Give us a call and Buttoned Up will be there to hang that photo, assemble that shelf, or hang that TV for you.

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