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Bathroom Renovations can be difficult at times, that’s why Buttoned Up hires the best Bathroom Renovation and install experts in the CRD. Our handyman service comes straight to you and will have your bathroom renovations done in a timely manner.

From new bathtubs and sinks to a full bathroom remodel, we can do it all.

Need A Bathroom Renovation? Buttoned Up Has You Covered!

Did you know that not all bathrooms are created equal? Some are small or big, some have walk-in showers with no tub, while others have large luxurious tubs with no showers. If you’re lacking one of these features then a Bathroom Renovation could be the solution!

Some would argue that the bathroom isn’t one of the most important rooms in your house, but we at Buttoned Up highly disagree. After a long day of working, doing lawn work, gardening, or even just hanging out with friends, what more could you ask for than a nice long shower or bath in a relaxing environment? At Buttoned Up we will work with all your wants and needs to help you bring the bathroom of your dreams to life. Our bathroom renovation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Retrofit any bathroom to be wheelchair accessible

  • Install new vanities

  • Restore old vanities

  • Install new shower

  • Install new tub

  • Add new mirrors, lighting, sinks, and more

  • Add or remove cabinets

  • Replace toilets

  • Install new flooring

  • Replace shower tile or floor tile

  • Full bathroom remodel


No matter what your dream bathroom needs are, give Buttoned Up a call and we will work with you to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

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