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Who We Are

As you get busier, your home still needs regular maintenance, repairs, and the occasional face lift.

Buttoned Up is independently owned and operated and we only hire the best people in the business to serve you.

What We Do

At Buttoned Up, our mission is to build a company where customer service, reliability, workmanship and warranties are our top priority. How we achieve this is by eliminating the common challenges people have with many contractors. 

Our goal is to become the #1 handyman company in the British Columbia, and eliminate the frustration people have when using contractors. All of our technicians are trained with the highest standards and genuinely care about your needs.

Why We Do It

Many of us have struggled with the frustrating experiences trying to call someone to come and do a repair or renovation, only to have them not respond, follow up, or worse, take a deposit and are never seen again!

Buttoned up wants to change this. Our focus is to ensure we provide our clients with the highest quality experience possible, while also ensuring your needs are met through the entire process, regardless how big or small the project is.

Sam - Owner

Having a background in both commercial and residential construction, I've always had a deep passion for creating, problem-solving, and design.

As I ventured into the world of handyman services, I noticed a recurring issue among those I assisted - the difficulty in finding dependable contractors who would simply show up and deliver on their promises. This observation led me to establish Buttoned Up.

Our mission at Buttoned Up is twofold: first, to pursue high quality workmanship for our customers, and second, to provide our community with access to a team of professionals who not only follow through on what we promise,  but also offer unwavering support throughout every phase of their projects.

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