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Home Services

Buttoned Up has all your home install needs covered. We can hang or assemble furniture, TVs, shelves and so much more. We can also fix or upgrade your windows or doors, and install just about anything you need in your home. Let the home installation experts at Buttoned Up take care of all your home update needs today!

You have that brand new shelf laying in the box on the floor, not yet assembled, but you find yourself not feeling motivated to put it together. Or maybe you simply don’t know how. Hang that TV? Let us do it for you.

Did you know that changing doors and windows can be more than just for looks? Upgrade to more energy efficient doors and windows to help keep your home cooler in the Summer, and warmer in Winter.

How are your home accessories looking? If you have a light or a faucet that is looking like it is time for an upgrade, call us and we will handle the rest.

Other Installs

Do you need something installed in your home that you don't see here on this page? Just contact us today and let Hank's know what you need. We can do all of this and so much more! Call us at: 250-927-0306.

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